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Chez Acchiardo: the authentic haunt and landmark of Niçois gourmets


Chez Acchiardo, where you will be welcomed as if you were a local resident, has been a reference in traditional local cuisine since 1927.

This family restaurant is in a sense the secret haunt of every Niçois who respects, even ever so slightly, his appetite and the culinary traditions of his country. A foot into the room and you're back in the Nice of the 1950.

There is a massive wooden counter, where locals come for coffee at noon, and there are old copper pots as big as cauldrons. In the kitchen, if you take the advice of the Niçois, all the ‘a la carte' dishes are ‘musts'. The good side is that you can't go wrong, because here there are only robust flavours!

Try to make it to see the show on Friday, the day for ‘stockfish', the restaurant's signature dish. A crowd of Niçois jostle at the counter for their lunchtime taste of cod in tomato sauce!

Chez Acchiardo
38, rue Droite
06300 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 85 51 16

Menu: around 25 EUR

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