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Café de la Plage: a beach restaurant like no other

beach design

The road to this unusual beach restaurant is worth the journey in itself: a maze overlooking the sea, breathtaking views, and the arrival at a beach paradise.

Beyond its magical setting, the charm of this café is the very fresh kitchen smells of the Corsican maquis. Scampi, sheep cheese, ultra-fresh vegetables everything is made to order and it shows.

If you're lucky, a table of regulars will sing a Corsican song over coffee… Note the beautiful lounge area and terrace with vines: sometimes the place is transformed by a wedding, as newlyweds take over the beach to celebrate their special day. For it must be admitted that the romance of the place is obvious. A perfect find to share with your partner or family.

Café de la Plage

+33(0)4 95 20 17 27

Menu: around 25 EUR


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