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Bring your wine and your vinyl to the Vintage Kitchen


An old record player that never stops playing vinyl in a cosy atmosphere where red wine and vegetables crowd the tables: welcome to the Vintage Kitchen.

The single room is small, only big enough to seat 20. The decoration is made up of mottled trinkets picked up at garage sales and arranged somewhat haphazardly on broad blue walls.

Since the ingredients depend on what small local producers in the Leinster region have in stock, it is not impossible that you order a dish that disappears from the menu the next day. Like goat cheese, caramelised pineapple puree, and seasonal apricots, which come and go from the menu. There is always a ‘little something' that will delight your appetite. Like its clientele, the service is dynamic and relaxed.

And don't be surprised to see a group of Trinity College students studying here after evening classes.

The Vintage Kitchen
7 Poolbeg Street

+353 (0)1 679 8705

Menu: around 20 EUR

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