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Beirut National Museum: the most beautiful archaeology museum in the Middle East


Archaeological artefacts representing 7,000 years of Lebanese history, housed in a colonial-style building.

After the war, in 1997, one of the government's top priorities was to very quickly create a prestigious showcase for the 100,000 archaeological treasures discovered during excavations.

More than 1,300 objects are on display in this human-scaled building, tracing chronologically the history of the region. The sarcophagus of Ahiram, King of Byblos in the 13th century BC with its sentence in Phoenician considered to be one of the oldest writings in the world is among the collection's most prized pieces. The ground floor has sarcophagi, mosaics, statues, and bas-reliefs from the first and second millennia BC and the Roman Byzantine period.

The second floor has objects from prehistory to the Hellenistic and Roman times.

Beirut National Museum
Museum Street

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