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Beijing Opera: learn about the cultural pastimes of the ancestors

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An entire sumptuous house dedicated to Chinese opera and traditional culture.

Built during the reign of Qing Emperor Jiaqing in 1807, this place continues the famous tradition of Beijing opera. Not only have the greatest artists performed here, but key events in the political history of the country also happened here: the first meeting of the Kuomintang, the ruling party before the arrival of the communists, was held here. The opera house now aims to educate people about its cultural heritage.

This museum offers a history of traditional opera, which is made up of a rich mix of sounds, images, and cultural references; you will also find a gallery of the greatest opera performers in costume. This form of folk art is highly appreciated by the Chinese, who are great music lovers and enthusiastic connoisseurs.

Then, after the visit, why not enjoy the show offered in the large hall? Enjoy this cultural plunge into the past.

Beijing Opera (Huguang Guild Hall)
3 Hufang Road
Xuanwu District

+86 (0)10 63529140

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