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Baiyun Mountain: the most beautiful mountain in China


Just 15 kilometres north of downtown Guangzhou, this haven of peace and poetry transports you to an eternal China.

In late spring, and every time the sun appears after rain, a crown of clouds caps the mountaintop. Hence its name: White Cloud Mountain. A scenic destination since ancient times, it is actually a range of 30 peaks, the most famous of which is the Moxing Ridge. Its summit is about 382 metres above sea level, and from it you have a splendid view of the city and the Pearl River.

Among its many treasures is the Nine Dragon Spring in the 16,000-square-metre Forest of Steles, which was built in the Qing Dynasty and is now a cultural relics protection unit of Guangzhou City, and the tomb of Zhang Yuqiao, a Ming Dynasty singer. You can get to this mountain from Guangzhou by bus or subway, but you probably won't have time to see everything, so settle for these two: Yuntai Garden, an extraordinary flower garden;and Jinye Pond in Luhu Park, where the water is so clear the trees and hills are perfectly reflected in them. Lean over the water to see your portrait, as clear as a photograph.

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