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Antisaranana and its surrounding areas


With its multicultural backdrop, Antisaranana, also known as Diego-Suarez, is an animated town that lives at its own pace.

In the north of Madagascar, Antisaranana (the Malagasy word for ‘harbour'), a former city of sailors, has the third largest port on the island. It is also an excellent launching pad for discovering many sites. Don't miss the Ankarana Reserve with its stunning limestone formations, called tsingy, as well as scattered caves and amazing fauna. Take a detour to the Amber Mountain, whose peak reaches 1,475 metres, and visit its national park, alive with abundant vegetation. Go check out the famous red tsingy, different from the traditional tsingy of Bemaraha and Ankarana, which offer magnificent views. Above all, be careful to leave no impact during your visit, as the area's ecological balance is fragile. The Emerald Sea, popular with kite-surfers, is accessible by boat from Ramena and will seduce you with its natural beauty. An exotic excursion!

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