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Alighapoo: the restaurant of the country of the Arabian Nights

persian cuisine

Dive right into the atmosphere of traditional Safavid Iran.

This restaurant attracts many visitors with its quaint atmosphere. Its large hall with booths, banquettes lined with carpet, and musical accompaniment make it a unique place that is very popular for a night out with friends. Iranians always bring family from abroad to dine in this restaurant decorated like the salon of the Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan.

It serves the best traditional Persian cuisine such as baghali oolo (rice flavoured with herbs), kebabs, and lamb chops, all washed down with dough (a fermented yoghurt-based drink). Those who prefer lighter meals will head to the great salad bar. The waiters swirl from table to table dressed like Bakthiars, with jackets and caps. This gives it a slightly folky and lively atmosphere as do the Sufis drums and resonating Tars. It is a friendly address and the food is excellent. If you want tranquillity, book at lunchtime.

Vanak Square
55 Gandhi Street

+98 21 88777803

Menu: around 1,000,000 IRR

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