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Albertina: the most beautiful collection of drawings in the world


The Albertina Museum features thousands of masterpieces in its permanent collection, but it also features consistently great temporary exhibitions.

Set in the historic heart of Vienna, the Albertina houses the world's largest collection of drawings of the great masters of painting: Dürer's famous Young Hare may be seen there alongside works by Rembrandt, Raphael, Van Gogh, and many other artists from the Middle Ages right through until the 20th century.

In short, only masterpieces, coming largely from the collection assembled in 1776 by the son of the Empress Maria Theresa. It was he, Prince Albert Casimir August of Saxony, Duke of Teschen, who commissioned the building in 1801, hence the name of the museum. Restored in 2003, it is a superb and unforgettable experience.

One can also visit the richly furnished ceremonial rooms that vividly evoke the culture of the court, though the admirable wooden marquetry of rosewood and ebony is so fragile that it is forbidden to visit in rain or snow.

Albertina Museum
Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Vienna

+43 (0)1 534 830

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