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A Travessa: a restaurant in the middle of a convent


Occupying part of the Convento das Bernardas, A Travessa offers fine dining in many flavours.

Created in 1978, A Travessa is located near the old quarter of Madragoa and the aristocratic residences of Lapa (the embassy district), in the heart of the Bernadine Convent, which dates from the 17th century.

For an intimate and contemplative atmosphere, book a table in one of the rooms of the old refectory, and sit down around the large fireplace, beneath a vaulted ceiling of red brick. The tables on the terrace, in the cloister, are the most romantic. In this unique setting, enjoy braised mushroom-based menus with sole, monkfish, duck breasts, or duck foie gras.

To finish, don't miss the prisco do abade, a traditional dessert made from egg yolks and sugar. A delight!

A Travessa
Tv. do Convento das Bernardas 12
1200-638 Lisboa

+351 (0)21 394 0800

Menu: around 40 EUR

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