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5 ideas for a girls' weekend

Published on 05-18-2017


Hold it girls! Want to run away from your routine and enjoy a break with your girlfriends? Here is our selection of irresistible destinations. The hardest part will be to pick one!

Berlin: the most alternative

Forget all your preconceived ideas, Berlin is not a cold and austere city... and it certainly has not been for the past 30 years. Today, Berlin is buzzing with energy. It's a good place to ride a bike, stop by the Spree, lie down on the grass along the river, and surrender to contemplation. Berlin never sleeps – the music scene is undoubtedly one of the trendiest in Europe - and the bars are open until the early morning hours. If you're curious about the underground scene, follow hipsters who take over the city's squats at night. To get the inside scoop on the evening's best address, nothing is simpler: just ask around. Here, word of mouth is a religion.



Brittany: the most relaxing

Do you and your girlfriends love steam-baths? It's time to take it to the next level: a true thalassotherapy experience to recover from a long winter (but not only). In France near Brest, no less than 15 thalassotherapy centres offer treatments with salt water, algae, and marine mud. On the schedule: a full weekend of pampering and beautiful scenery, clean air, massages, healthy diets and other treats. This relaxing break will do your body and soul good.



Athens: the most cultural

Get ready: Athens is called the "cradle of civilisations" for a reason. The capital of Greece is just what you need for a cultural city-trip. Prefer the off-season if possible - the weather is just as pleasant - to avoid crowds swarming around the Acropolis. The Temple of Athena, Parthenon or Dionysus Theatre will reveal all their secrets. Aside from the ancient city, enjoy sunny Athens, settle on a terrace and taste some local specialties. If you're watching your figure, try the famous Greek diet during your stay.



Douro Valley: the wildest

About an hour from Porto, the luscious Douro valley is ready to welcome you. Drive down the roads that wind between vineyards and mountains, and spend either two or seven days driving by the river. In Regua, Pinhão or Pocinho, visit wineries or enjoy the unique experience of making your own Port wine. Extend your trip and visit Barca d'Alva, near the Douro Natural Park, a small hamlet where life is good. Look around: on the horizon you will see vineyards, orange groves and olive trees stretch... as nature reigns.

Douro valley


Tel Aviv: the most festive

Even for a weekend, Tel Aviv is worth the trip. Did you know that the city whose name means "Spring Hill" in Hebrew is also queen of the night? A bit like you, right? Indeed, the city has become one of the favourite places to visit for night owls. You'll find legendary nightclubs, meet the most popular DJs and attend parties that you will remember forever. If you fancy taking a break and touring the old city from the Carmel market to the Dizengoff street, experience the unique atmosphere of Tel Aviv: western, eastern and Mediterranean all together. Sit at a terrace in the trendy Neve Tsedek neighbourhood and watch the show of the city that never sleeps.

Tel Aviv

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